fuck, is a hypnotic dark experimental electronica band formed in Texas in 2018.
The band consists of two primary producers: Nathaniel; a self taught drummer/dj with deep occult and tribal roots, as well as a multi-instrumentalist and trained dancer/musician/singer – Stephanie.

The origins of the band date back to 2016, when Nathaniel was employed from time to time by Stephanie. He was turned on by her interest in music and love of edm. The two got romantically attached and formed a band through which they could really influence each other’s sound. Utilizing off-hour sessions of a friend who is a sound engineer, Nathaniel & Stephanie recorded and released the band’s debut album, “Shift.” (2018), a self-produced 3 piece album.

However, in reality times were changing and all music started sounding too much of the same to Nathaniel & Stephanie. Soon they began to obsess over completely new noises. Experimenting soon thereafter in hopes of really giving their audience areal uniquely live experience like no other. Fueled by false promises about promotions, a tour, big money, and labels under “the man,” they popped out a second album which contained 4 tracks called “Experiment.”

The two bards are now currently self managed and working hard on a 3rd album, in hopes of curating a certain magical “Charm” that any listener can be captivated by…